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  • Spelling Bee

    Every Year Next Step, A literacy council in South Simcoe holds a spelling bee. The Bee raises money to operate the literacy council each year.  This cause is near and dear to my heart. I used to work at the council and my eyes were opened to the astonishing amount of people with low literacy skills. You usually assoiate illiteracy with 3rd world countries but Canada has so more adults than you would imagine who struggle with basic reading, writing, and mathematic skills.  


    If you would like to donate to Next Step there are 2 ways: 

    1. You can donate an item for their silent auction for the Spelling Bee (April 13, 2019). Here is the contact info:
    2. You can make a monitary donation to the Bee here:


    Here are some FREE printable/digital PNG stickers in return for helping out the Spelling Bee.  Use Coupon Code FREE