Trigger Warning: Religious, Political, & Time Saving Content

I was walking across Bay st. at Yonge/Dundas square and despite having lived there for a few years the lights, action, and noises always seemed to engross a small town Saultbie, like me. It wasn’t the first time this happened and probably not the last. As I crossed the street, right near the light pole an elderly man would almost appear to apparate on the spot right in front of me. He was always disheveled with a greying beard and as I said, old. But I never actually saw him first, it was when he was right beside me, right in my ear, he’d shout “JESUS SAVES!” Yikes! It makes me jittery just thinking about it. He always, always scared me, even when I tried to prepare myself for him. I think it was the appearing out of nowhere factor.

Drop me a line if you know who I’m talking about. If you’ve lived in Toronto, you probably have seen this guy.

Anyways, it occurs to me, that he wasn’t getting very many converts by shouting it out to the masses of people. I never saw anyone actually stopping and engaging with him to talk about Jesus. There were so many of these people, trying to shout their wares. They shouted their message but there were a lot of their flyers littering the streets. What I enjoyed, were the artists, dancers, and musicians who would do their thing and let the people come to them. That’s how I want to do my marketing. I want the people to come to me. I hate trying to shout out what I’m doing. It feels cheesy and sleazy. So I don’t, and I honestly don’t think you should either.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Do your thing on social media. You don’t have to sell, sell, sell, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or You Tube. In fact, sell, sell, sell is very likely hurting you more than you think. What I mean by do your thing, is show off who you are. Show off your practice personality. Are you funny, creative, pranksters, professional, well travelled, love dogs, eat lots of cake, love zombie movies? What ever your thing is, let those people on social media see that.

  2. Use your ‘glowing’ social media personality drive people to your # 1 salesperson - your website. Let the people come to you.

  3. Once the people have come to your website, celebrate. Woo hoo! That is big stuff. But don’t let them leave without collecting their email address. Just like you don’t leave a street show without giving a coin, you can very rightly ask your people to sign up for your monthly newsletter.

  4. For your monthly newsletter you can create a blog post, a video, a podcast, some kind of content that will be valuable to your patients. This is the entertainment that makes the people say “Wow, this doc knows what they are doing/is funny/entertaining/very kind/perfect for my family etc. I’m gonna make me an appointment.”

Pro Tip: Collect email addresses. Collect them at the front desk, collect them on your website, collect them like your grandpa collected stamps, like it’s your hobby. This is your ticket to being front and centre in the minds of your tribe & when you run a promo, a sale, need more patients, this is the time you can sell.

What this allows you to do:

  1. Stop selling and start being

  2. Utilizes your website to convert lookers to patients

  3. Automates your systems so you don’t have to do nearly as much work.

  4. Relieves the pressure of always having the perfect content on social media

  5. Let’s you work less for more money & time - Work smarter not harder

  6. Allows people to come to you

  7. Stops the cheese and sleaze

If you are like me, this news that I don’t have to shout to the masses came as a huge relief. I know it sounds a little different and if you’d like to know more, let me know and I will be very excited (I get nerdy about this stuff) to chat about it. Or stay tuned, and subscribe (haha) to my newsletter and I’ll have more on why you should build your email list and not your follower numbers as well as generating content for your blog/you tube channel, podcast or which ever way you decide to share your expertise.

Does this sound doable for you? Will it work for your practice. Again, I get nerdy about this stuff and love to share & connect. I, personally, respond to my emails and YOU, {insert name here} are always welcome to send me a line.